Project Monitoring & Evaluation Section

PME is formed to aid in the effective management of the institute’s intramural, networked, grant-in-aid as well as collaborative R&D projects. Essentially the Division will function as a liaison agency between Principal investigators in the Institute-Finance Section-Purchase Section-and the Grant Giving agency. Proper logistic support for the management, maintenance and monitoring of institute’s CSIR and externally funded projects would help in effective, timely and successful implementation and completion of the mission and in turn would reflect in the growth of the institute. PME is also entrusted with appropriate dissemination of information regarding ongoing and completed projects and therefore, PME of IICB like other CSIR laboratory is actively involved on the following activities:

  1. Preparation and timely maintenance of databases for all intramural and extramural research projects in IICB, and tabulation of ECF of the institute.
  2. Project expenditure monitoring of all projects, including proper procurement of capital goods as sanctioned in the projects
  3. Dissemination of information on all relevant National & International Research Program Requests including fellowships and maintenance of IICB’s required registration with such agencies as mandatory, and liaison with grant giving agencies.
  4. Guiding fresh scientific personnel in the preparation and submission of project proposals.
  5. Provide information on terms & conditions of funding agencies, and create awareness regarding international and national prerequisites for project submission.
  6. Responding to various audit queries in relation to projects, ongoing and completed.
  7. In addition to the above, participation in institute’s annual plan and budget preparations as well as annual reporting are mandatory activities of the Division.


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