Rupak K. Bhadra , Ph.D.

CSIR Emeritus Scientist

Research Interest

  • Molecular basis of stringent response regulation in the cholera pathogen Vibrio cholerae cells under nutritional stress including detailed functional characterization of a newly discovered (p)ppGpp synthetase gene relV (at Author’s lab) and its role in the management of nutritional stress in V. cholerae.
  • Elucidation of the role of intracellular signaling molecule (p)ppGpp in regulation of gene expression related to growth, virulence, quorum sensing and biofilm formation.
  • Functional characterization of the RNA polymerase binding transcription factor DksA of V. cholerae
  • CTX phages, genome diversity and evolution of new clones of pathogenic V. cholerae.
  • Molecular studies on replication origins of V. cholerae and its use for various purposes.
  • Cold shock response and cold shock proteins of V. cholerae.


    Apart from above projects, the following projects have been initiated: 

  • Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of commercially important plant secondary metabolites
  • Large scale sequencing of genomes and comparative genomics particularly bacterial genomics.


PhD, Calcutta University, 1990

Patents & Publications

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