Parasuraman Jaisankar , Ph.D., FIC , FAScT

Chief Scientist & Head, Organic & Medicinal Chemistry Division
Organic & Medicinal Chemistry

Research Focus

Synthetic and Natural Product Chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis, Catalysis, C-H bond activation, Herbal Medicine etc.

Research Interest

  1. Development of chiral ligands and their transition metal complexes for asymmetric organic transformations.
  2. Synthesis of Lead Compounds and their analogues having various biological activities, with special focus on anticancer and anti-asthmatic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory compounds.
  3. Development of synthetic strategy for the generation of structurally unique bioactive molecules especially nitrogen heterocycles.
  4. Identification and structure elucidation of antibiotics isolated from marine actinobacterium. Search for safe drugs from herbal sources.


  • Professor, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) [Current]
  • Chief Scientist & Head of the Department [2015-till date] 
  • Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata [2009-2015] 
  • Principal Scientist, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata [2004-2009] 
  • Scientist EI, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata [2000-2004] 
  • Scientist C, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata [1995-2000] 
  • Scientist B, CSIR-IICB, Kolkata [1990-1995] 
  • Research Scientist (INSA Fellow) National Changhua University of Education (NCUE, Taiwan (Prof. Hon Man Lee, Taiwan) [2015]
  • Research Scientist (DAAD Fellow) Technische Universitat Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany (Under Re-invitation) – (Prof. Lukas Hintermann) [2013]
  • Research Scientist, (RAMAN RESEARCH FELLOW) University of Nagoya, Japan (With Prof. Masato Kitamura, Japan) [2010]
  • Visiting Scientist (Indo-Polish DST Project) Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun [2006, 2007]
  • Post-Doctoral Research (RCMS Fellowship) University of Nagoya, Japan (With Nobel Laureate Prof. Ryoji Noyori’s group, Japan) [2001-2002]
  • Post-Doctoral Research (CSIR-DAAD Fellow) University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany under DAAD Fellowship Programme (Prof. Hartmut Seliger, Germany) [1996-1998]                 
  • Ph.D. (Chemistry), Jadavpur University [1990-1995]
  • MSc. (Organic Chemistry), University of Madras, Presidency College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu [1989]
  • BSc. (Chemistry), University of Madras, A. A. Govt. Arts College, Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu, India [1987]

Honours & Awards

  • Fellow of West Bengal Academy of Science & Technology (FAScT) from WEST  BENGAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE  AND  TECHNOLOGY (WAST) in 2018
  • Awarded Best Teacher/Scientist Award-2017 by National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (NIPER), Kolkata for the year 2017
  • DST-GLP Inspector since 2016
  • Awarded Dr. B. Mukherjee Memorial oration for excellent research contribution in natural products of Indian origin having pharmacological importance in the year 2016
  • INSA International Fellowship for the year 2015 to visit NCU, Changua, Taiwan
  • “Bharat Seva Ratan GOLD MEDAL Award by Global Economic Progress & Research Association (GEPRA), New Delhi for the year 2014.
  • Raman Research Fellow Award (RRF) (2010): Awarded by CSIR, New Delhi for carrying out research in the field of catalysis in Japan. 
  • RCMS Fellow (2001): Awarded by Nobel Laureate Prof. Ryoji Noyori of Nagoya University, Japanese Govt. for carrying out research in the field of Asymmetry Catalysis. 
  • DAAD Fellowship (1996): Awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn, Germany.
  • Fellow of Institution of Chemists (FIC) (1999) : Awarded by the Institution of Chemists (India) for contributions in the field of Chemical Science

Grants & Supports

  • SERB, Department of Science and Technology, India
  • Department of Biotechnology, India
  • Department of Science and Technology, India
  • The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India

Patents & Publications



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A hand held portable device was developed in my laboratory for quantitative estimation of citral contents in essential oils which will be greatly empowering the farmers.