"Pan-Genome" refers to the complete inventory of genes in a specific phylogenetic clade. Pan-genomic analyses have provided valuable insight into genome dynamics, population structure, species evolution, niche specialization, pathogenesis, drug resistance and many other features of the microbial world.




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     BPGA is an ultra-fast software package that provides comprehensive pan genome analysis of microorganisms. In addition to all types of routine pan genomic analyses (Pan genome Profiles, Pan/Core Phylogeny etc.), BPGA includes a number of novel downstream analysis features like Exclusive Gene Family Analysis, Atypical GC Content Analysis, Subset Analysis, MLST based on housekeeping genes and KEGG Distribution etc.

     Another unique feature of BPGA is that it allows the user to select from three different tools for ortholog clustering – USEARCH, CD-HIT & OrthoMCL, the first one being the default clustering tool.

Highlights of the BPGA Analyses: