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Human  Resource  Group  (HRG)

Dr.Siddhartha Majumdar, Head    

Human resources Group (HRG), IICB has been set up in April 2005 to organize and nucleate Human Resources Management activities at IICB. HRG’s mission is to promote professional Human Resources Management in this institute by evolving and implementing HR development plan.

Activities, Guidance and Initiatives: 

  • Defining & assessing institutes specific training needs and designing, developing to meet these.
  • Coordinates academic & administrative affairs concerning Research Fellows/ Associates holding independent fellowship and linkages with other organization/Agencies/Institutes.
  • Maintaining and updating the databases of research fellows, summer students & Academic affairs.
  •  Selection and placement of the summer trainees/ project trainee of different post graduate students studying in different Universities, Institutions and colleges all over the country. 
  • Coordinate the in-house two semester PhD Course Work for the IICB PhD research fellows as a part of the Academic Affairs of the Institute,
  • To assist in the process for nominating Scientists and Officers by the Director, IICB in different training programme /workshop [viz. R&D Management, Leadership Development and personal skills up gradation programmes etc. organized by CSIR, HRDC].
  • Coordinates different awareness programme in relation to training, fellowship, etc.

Programs: Guidelines, Information & initiative

Ph.D. Programme

The major objective of this programme is to generate adequate and trained human resource in the different fields of Biology and Chemistry, and related areas for meeting the requirement of cutting edge research. The duration of this programme is generally five years.

Number of PhD awarded in last three years : 95

Eligibility criteria: For admission to the PhD program of the institute, the CSIR-NET qualified candidates / UGC-NET/  ICMR fellows/ DBT fellows   can directly join the institute in their area of interest subject to consent from the institute’s faculty to be the candidate’s supervisor and director’s approval.

Junior Research Fellowship for GATE qualified engineering graduates
(CSIR_JRF-GATE): CSIR has introduced a new research fellowship in 2002 for the GATE qualified candidates with B.E., B.Tech, B.Arch, B.Pharm degree to pursue research leading to Ph.D. Each CSIR laboratory engaged in biological/biochemical research can have maximum 10 such JRF-GATE fellows.

Besides the adhoc fellowship, IICB advertises for recruiting research fellows to work in grant-in-aid projects and different research schemes. 

At a Glance: Research Fellow up to December,2008

Total number of students (JRF, SRF & RAs) : 235 (CSIR, UGC, ICMR, DBT & DST)

Career Opportunities:Research / Training

Ph.D. Course Work: CALENDER , 2009

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[Registration for Ph.D Course Work 2010]

The HRG & Academic affairs Committee has been organizing PhD course work, offering two-semester course work. The main objective of this course is to make them acquainted with modern biological sciences, chemistry and chemical biology. The course is mandatory for students registering for Ph.D. degree. The duration of this course is normally 120 hours. The course comprises of two major disciplines, namely Basic Course with [a] Computer Applications; [b] Instrumental Analysis; [c] Statistical Analysis; [d] Basic Biology (for Chemistry students); and [e] Basic Chemistry (for Biological Sciences students); and Advanced Course with [a] Advanced Biology (for students engaged in Biological Sciences Laboratory) and [b] Advanced Chemistry (for Chemistry Laboratory students).

Number of IICB PhD Course work (2008) students : 58

Summer Training / Project Work / Dissertation Work (Application for the Summer Trainee 2010 ) ( Notice )

Selected List Of Summer Trainee'2010 (1st List).

Selected List Of Summer Trainee'2010 (2nd List).

The Human Resource Group, IICB provides an excellent environment for training the next generation of researchers and is proud to support training towards partial fulfillment of the respective postgraduate    degrees. IICB has imparted training in the state–of –the-art techniques to several summer students from different universities & Institutes. The aim is to let young minds feel the thrill and excitement of science by working on a project requiring application and critical appreciation of scientific principles. It also aims at active participation in the learning process through experimentation and putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the classrooms.
Students pursuing M. Sc./M. Tech./M. Pharm. etc. from various universities/institutes of the country get short-term training in different laboratories of this Institute. Under this programme the Institute conducts training of short duration in various disciplines and is absolutely free of any cost. The courses comprise both lectures and practical with emphasis on practical R&D aspects in a particular discipline. The duration of this training programme / Project Work is generally two- three months and maximum six months duration during March and August every year.


Number of Summer Trainee, Project Trainee, Short term-trainee : 235                (in the last three years)

Other Activities and initiatives: Nomination in Training & Workshop

  • To assist in the process for nominating Scientists and Officers by the Director, IICB in different training programme/workshop [viz. R&D Management, Leadership Development and personal skills up gradation programmes etc. organized by CSIR, HRDC.

Participants in  Training/Workshop:

  • Sri Arghya Basu, SRF, UGC participated in the “4th Technology Led Entrepreneurship Training Programme for research scholars” organized by CSIR, HRDG in collaboration with CLRI, Chennai during Feb.12th to March 11th 2007 at CLRI, Chennai.
  • Dr. Aditya Konar, Scientist and Dr. Subrata Adak, Scientist participated in “Development of Managerial Efficiency for Scientist” programme during 12th March to 16th March 2007 organized by HRDC, CSIR & Fore School of Management, New Delhi at HRDC, Ghaziabad.
  • Dr. P.Jaisankar, Scientist participated in the” Decision Support Tools and Techniques for senior scientists” organized by DST, GOI during 2nd April to 6th April 2007 at ASCI, Hyderabad.
  • Dr.Mrinal K. Ghosh, Scientist participated in special training programme on “Enhancement of Managerial Efficiency for Scientists” during 4th to 8th June 2007 organized by HRDC, CSIR at HRDC, CSIR, Ghaziabad.
  • Dr.Malini Sen, Scientist participated in “Induction Training Programme for newly recruited Scientist” during 20th to 25th August 2007 organized by HRDC, CSIR at HRDC, CSIR, Ghaziabad.
  • Dr.M.C.Bagchi, Scientist participated in "Training Programme on Research Methodology and Statistical Methods" held during 17 - 20 September, 2007 organized by  HRDC, CSIR at Ghaziabad.
  • Dr.Siddhartha Majumdar,Head, HRG participated in “ Workshop on Strategic Management of Human Capital” organized by the HRDC, CSIR during 12th to 14th Oct 2007 at Ghaziabad.
  • Dr. Ashoke Kr. Dasgupta, Technical Officer III(5), Computer Division   participated in the “First Advanced Training Programme on Cyber Laws, Information Security and Computers for Scientists and Technologists”   during June 9-15, 2008  at  New Delhi, S&T Departments of Govt. of India
  • Dr. Snehasikta Swarnakar, Scientist has been nominated for his participation in the "Work life balance for women scientists"  held at HRDC, Ghaziabad during 23 – 25 October. 2008.
  • Mr.A.K.Jha,S.O(F&A) has been nominated for his participation in the “Sciemnce Audit for senior Scientists & senior Administrators Symposium by the Dept. of S&T ,Govt of India, New Delhi during May 26 -30 , 2008
  • Mr.U.S.Das , SPO has been nominated for his participation in the CSIR Leadership Programme (LDP) organized by  the HRDC, CSIR during  Oct, 2008 at Ghaziabad

Training/ Programme arranged in IICB

  • For Jagadis Bose National Talent Search (JBNSTS) Scholars (16 nos.) Lab Visit & meet the scientists” programme was coordinated on 18-07-2007.
  • Scientific Awareness Programme for IICB PhD Students (female), executed by Cancer Foundation of India has been arranged at IICB
  • MSc. Biotechnology students (35 nos) of ST. XAVIER”S COLLEGE, Kolkata have learnt Con focal Microscopy & Phase contrast Microscopy on 8th October 2007 under the guidance of Dr.Samit Adhya, Scientist.
  • During the year 2006, the HRG, IICB, had conducted computer literacy training programme in DOECC Center, Jadavpur University Campus for 15 IICB technical, administrative, finance and purchase staff members working in different dept. /section.
  •  A four days workshop on “ Effective communication & scientific writing skill development” was organized for research fellows and research associates, form 26th February to 3rd March, 2009

Other Members attached with HRG, IICB

Ms. Lily Das, Asst. (G), (Attached with P&I Divn. and reports to   HRG )
Ms. Pratima Banerjee
Sri. B. Nayak                    

Important Publications:

  • Siddhartha Majumdar, H.Bhattacharjee, D.Bhattacharyya, Amarnath Bhaduri UDP-galactose 4-epimerase from Kluyveromyces fragilis : Reconstitution of holoenzyme structure after dissociation with parachloromercuribenzoate European Journal of Biochemistry. Volume 257, 427-433,1998.
  • Siddhartha Majumdar, J.Ghatak, S. Mukherji, H. Bhattacharjee, and Amar Bhaduri .UDPgalactose 4-epimerase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A bifunctional enzyme with aldose 1-epimerase activity. European Journal of Biochemistry Volume 271 Page 753 -759, 2004.



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