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Structural Biology & Bio-Informatics Division

Prof. Siddhartha Roy

Ph.D, University of Delaware; Newark, F.N.A, F.A.Sc.
Santi Swarup Bhatnagar Prize(1999),
Meritorious service award (1986); from Dept. of Health & Human service USA,
Human Frontier Services Fellowship, 1993.

Contact - siddhartharoy@iicb.res.in

Current Research Interest

Macromolecular Interaction: Recognition and Engineering :

  • Structural basis of regulation of gene expression (transcription)
  • Structural basis of cognate-non cognate discrimination during aminoacylation in E.coli
  • Structural basis and role of macromolecular interactions in viral life cycles (HCV and Chandipura virus)
  • Engineering novel transcription factors

Drug development :

  • Designing peptidometics against protein-protein interaction
  • Drug discovery from natural sources
Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows:
Fellow/RA Staff
  1. Dr Ruchira Mukherjee (RA)
  2. Dr.Indrani Chowdhury(RA)
  3. Dr.Shampa Mallick(SRA)
  4. Amlanjyoti Dhar(SRF)
  5. Srijata Mukherjee (SRF)
  6. Paromita Raha (SRF)
  7. Navin Chandra(SRF)
  8. Subrata Debnath (SRF)
  9. Neeladri Sekar Roy (JRF)
  10. Avishek Majumder (JRF)
  11. Anusri Bhattacharyya (JRF)
  12. Shruti Guha Sarkar (JRF)
  13. Dr.Madhumita Chakraborty, RA-I (DBT)
  14. Dr.Arunachal Chatterjee, RA-I (DBT)
  15. Nayan De (JRF)(UGC)
  1. Jishu Mandal (Staff)

List of important Publications:

  1. Banik ,U.,Mandal,N.C.,Bhattacharyya,B.,& S.Roy A fluorescence anisotropy  study of tetramer-dimer equilibrium of  lambda repressor and it's implication for function. j.Biol.Chem.,268,(1993) 3938-3943.
  2. Bandopadhyay,S.,Banik,U.,Mandal,N.C.,Bhattacharyya,B.& Roy,S. Role of C-terminal region in the self assembly of Lambda Repressor. Biochemistry,34(1995) 5090-5097.
  3. Bandopadhyay,S.Mukhopadhyay,C.& Roy,S. Dimmer -dimer interphases of thr Lambda Repressor are different in liganded and free state. Biochemistry,35(1996) 5033-5040
  4. Sakaguchi K, Satio S, Higashimoto Y, Roy S, Anderson CW, Appella E.Damage-mediated phosphorylation  of human p53 thereonine 18 though a cascade mediated by a casein- 1-like kinase . effect on Mdm2. J Biol Chem.275,(2000) 9278-9283
  5. Chattopadhyay R,Roy S. Dank-sigma 32 interaction is temperature dependent: Implications for the mechanism of heat-shock response. J Biol Chem.227,(2002) 33641-7
  6. Kar. S, Sakaguchi K,Shimohigashi Y,Sammadar S, Bannerjee R,Basu G.,Swaminathan V, Kundu TK, Roy S. Effect of phosphorylation on the structure and fold of transactivation domain of P53. J Biol Chem.277, (2002) 155579-85.
  7. Mandal AK, Samadar S, Banerjee R,Lihiri S,Bhattacharyya A, Roy S, Glutamate counteracts the denaturing effect of urea through it's effect on the denatured  state. J Biol Chem.278,(2003) 36077-84
  8. Siddhaartha Roy, Heon Man Lim & Sankar Adhya, Asynchronous multi-step base pair opening in transcription initiation: Regulation by enhancing the rate limiting step. EMBO J.23,(2004) 869-75
  9. Guha S,Sahu K,Roy D,Mondal SK, Roy S,Bhattacharyya K. Slow salvation dynamics at the active site of an enzyme : Implications for catalysis. Biochemistry.2005 44,8940-7.
  10. Maiti A,Roy S. Switching DNA-binding specificity by unnatural amino acid substitution. Nucleic Acid Res.2005 33,5896-903.

Detail list of Publications upto December'2010 ==>> Click here


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Updated on 19th April 2010
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