Infectious Diseases & Immunology Division

Dr. Syamal Roy

Ph.D., Calcutta University, 1983

Contact -

Senior Principal Scientist

Current Research Interest

  • Antigen presentation in leishmaniasis
  • Host response to antimony resistant versus antimony sensitive leishmania parasites.
  • Seroimmunoproteomics to identify host protective antigens.

Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows


  1. Mr Khudiram Naskar, T.O.
  2. Mr. Karri. Suresh Kumar, T.A.
  3. Ms. Moumita Chakraborty, T.A.

Research Fellows / Project Trainee

  1. Mr Rajan Guha, SRF
  2. Ms June Ghosh, SRF
  3. Ms. Maumita Ghosh, SRF
  4. Mr. Kaushik Roy, SRF
  5. Ms. Rupkhata Mukhopadhyay, SRF
  6. Mr. Shantanabha Das, SRF
  7. Mr. Budhaditya Mukherjee, JRF
  8. Mr. Sandip Mukherjee, JRF
  9. Ms. Subha Sen, Project Associate

List of important Publications

  1. Basu R., Bhaumik S., Basu JM., Naskar K., De T and Roy S. (2005). Kinetoplastid membrane protein-11 DNA vaccination induces complete protection against both pentavalent antimonial-sensitive and -resistant strains of Leishmania donovani that correlates with inducible nitric oxide synthase activity and IL-4 generation: evidence for mixed Th1- and Th2-like responses in visceral leishmaniasis. J. Immunol. 174: 7160-71.
  2. Chakraborty D., Banerjee S., Sen A., Banerjee KK., Das P and Roy S. (2005). Leishmania donovani Affects Antigen Presentation of Macrophage by Disrupting Lipid Rafts. J. Immunol. 175: 3214-24.
  3. Roy S. (2005). Macrophage function in Leishmania donovani Infection. In Trends and research in Leishmaniasis Eds. Raghunath D and Nayak R. Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi. Pp 245-64
  4. Theinert SM., Basu R., Forgber M., Roy S., Sundar S and Walden P. (2005). Identification of new antigens in visceral leishmaniasis by expression cloning and immunoblotting with sera of Kala-azar patients from Bihar, India. Infect. Immun. 73: 7018-21.
  5. Dey R., Sarkar A., Majumder N., Bhattacharya (Majumdar) S., Roychoudhury K., Bhattacharyya S., Roy S and Majumdar S. (2005). Regulation of impaired PKC signaling by chemokines in murine macrophages during visceral leishmaniasis. Infect. Immun. 73:8334-44
  6. Mookerjee Basu J., Mookerjee A., Sen P., Bhaumik S., Sen P., Banerjee S., Naskar K., Choudhuri SK., Saha B., Raha S and Roy S. (2006). Sodium antimony gluconate induces generation of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide via phosphoinositide 3-kinase and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in Leishmania donovani-infected macrophages. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 50: 1788-97.
  7. Mookerjee A., Mookerjee Basu J., Dutta P., Majumder S., Bhattacharya S., Biswas J., Pal S., Mukherjee P., Raha S., Baral RN., Das T., Efferth T., Sa G., Roy S and Choudhuri SK. (2006). Overcoming drug-resistant cancer by a newly developed copper chelate through host-protective cytokine-mediated apoptosis. Clin. Cancer Res. 12: 4339-49.
  8. Roychoudhury K., Dasgupta B., Sen P., Laskay T., Solbach W., De T and Roy S. (2006). Evidence of direct interactions between the CC-chemokines CCL3, CCL4 and CCL5 and Leishmania promastigotes.  Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 150: 374-77
  9. Forgber M., Basu R., Roychoudhury K., Theinert S., Roy S., Sundar S and Walden P. (2006). Mapping the Antigenicity of the Parasites in Leishmania donovani Infection by Proteome Serology. PloS One 1, e40
  10. Basu R., Roy S and Walden P. (2007). HLA-I restricted T-cell epitopes of  the Kinetoplastid Membrane Protein-11 presented   by    Leishmania     donovani infected Human macrophages. J. Inf. Dis. 195: 1373-80.
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