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Infectious Diseases & Immunology Division

Dr. Rukhsana Chowdhury

Senior Scientist
PhD, Calcutta University,1989
Contact - rukhsana@iicb.res.in

Current Research Interest

A feature of the formidable adaptation strategy of pathogenic microorganisms is the integration of virulence gene expression with regulatory circuits that respond to environmental and other conditions. The objective of our group is to unravel the regulatory circuitry that control virulence gene expression in the enteric pathogen Vibrio cholerae. The following aspects are being invetigated:

  • Stress response and regulation of virulence gene expression. The response of V. cholerae to physico-chemical stress parameters and molecular mechanisms of the modulation of virulence regulatory processes under these conditions.
  • Epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Global role of DNA methylation in gene expression.
  • GASP (Growth Advantage in the Stationary Phase) mutants of V. cholerae and their virulence properties.
Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows:
Staff Members

Dr. Kalidas Paul



Sr. Technical Officer-3

Sandip Chakraborty



Technical Assistant
Research Fellows
Tanusree Das RA (CSIR)
Sanjib Banerjee SRF (CSIR)
Arpita Chatterjee SRF (CSIR)
Sohini Chaudhuri SRF (CSIR)
Amalendu Ghosh SRF (CSIR)
Abha Bhagat SRF (CSIR)
Amit Kr Dey, SRF (ICMR)

List of important Publications:

  1. Ghosh, A., K. Paul and R. Chowdhury 2006 Role of H-NS in colonization, motility and bile dependent repression of virulence gene expression in Vibrio cholerae.Infect. Immun. (in press)
  2. Banerjee S., and R. Chowdhury. 2006 An orphan DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase n Vibrio cholerae. Microbiology (in press)
  3. Chatterjee, A., S. Chaudhuri, G. Saha, S. Gupta, and R. Chowdhury. 2004 Effect of bile on the cell surface permeability barrier and efflux system of Vibrio cholerae. J. Bacteriol. 188: 6809-6814
  4. Paul, K., A. Ghosh, N. Sengupta and R. Chowdhury. 2004 Competitive growth advantage of non-toxigenic mutants in the stationary phase in archival cultures of pathogenic Vibrio cholerae strains.Infect. Immun. 72: 5478-5482
  5. Krishnan, H. H., A. Ghosh, K. Paul and R. Chowdhury. 2004. Effect of anaerobiosis on expression of virulence factors in Vibrio cholerae.
    Infect. Immun. 72: 3961-3967
  6. Sengupta N., K. Paul and R. Chowdhury. 2003The global regulator ArcA modulates expression of virulence factors in Vibrio cholerae. Infect. Immun. 71: 5583-5589
  7. Chakrabarti S., N. Sengupta and R. Chowdhury. 1999. Role of DnaK in in vitro and in vivo expression of virulence factors of Vibrio cholerae.
    Infect. Immun. 67 : 1025 – 1033.
  8. Gupta S. and R. Chowdhury. Bile affects production of virulence factors and motility of Vibrio cholerae. Infect. Immun. 65 : 1131 – 1134.

Detail list of Publications upto December'2010 ==>> Click here


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Updated on 11th April'2010
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