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Drug Development Diagnostics & Biotechnology Division

Dr. Tarun K. Dhar

Chief Scientist
PhD, Calcutta University, 1980
Contact: tkdhar@iicb.res.in

Current Research Interest

  • Synthetic organic chemistry for the development of the haptens, antigens and immunogens necessary for specific antibody production.
  • Development of new improved immunoassay techniques for easy and sensitive mycotoxin monitoring in foods under field condition.
  • Development of novel immunoassays for small molecules in non-competitive format.
  • Development of antibody-based analytical methods for monitoring of environmental pollution and clinical diagnostics.
Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows:
Staff: Fellow/RA
  1. Dr. Ardhendu Kumar Mandal, STO
  2. Mrs. Dipika Roy, T. O.
  3. Mr. Ashit Mitra, Helper
    1. Debopam Acharya SRF (CSIR)
    2. Tathagata Gupta (PA)
    3. Subhasis Banerjee (PA)

List of important Publications:

  1. Acharya, D., Saha, D., Roy, D., Jain, P. and Dhar T. K. Filtration-based staining of proteins on membranes. Anal. Biochem. 379, 2008,121-123 .
  2. Saha, D., Acharya, D., Roy, D., Shrestha, D. and Dhar T. K. Simultaneous enzyme immunoassay for the screening of aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A in chili samples, Anal. Chim. Acta 584, 2007, 343-349.
  3. Saha, D., Acharya, D., Roy, D. and Dhar, T. K.Filtration-based tyramide amplification technique: A new simple approach for rapid detection of aflatoxin B1, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 387, 2007, 1121-1130.
  4. Saha, D., Acharya, D and Dhar, T. K. Method for homogeneous spotting of antibodies on membranes: application to the sensitive detection of ochratoxin A. Anal. Bioanl. Chem. 385, 2006, 847-854.
  5. Pal, A., Acharya, D., Saha, D., Roy, D. and Dhar, T. K. In situ sample cleanup during immunoassay: a simple method for rapid detection of aflatoxin B, in food samples. J. Food Prot. 68, 2005, 2169-77.  
  6. Pal, A., Acharya, D., Saha, D. and Dhar, T. K. Development of a membrane-based immunofiltration assay for the detection of T-2 toxin. Anal. Chem. 76, 2004, 4237-40.
  7. Pal, A and Dhar, T. K. An analytical device for on-site immunoassay. Demonstration of its applicability in semiquantitative detection of aflatoxin B1 in a batch of samples with ultrahigh sensitivity. Anal. Chem. 76, 2004, 98-104.
  8. Bhattacharya, D., Bhattacharya, R. and Dhar, T. K. A novel signal amplification technology based on catalyzed reporter deposition and its application in a Dot-ELISA with ultra high sensitivity. J. Immunol. Methods 227, 1999, 31 - 39.
  9. Bhattacharya, R., Bhattacharya, D. and Dhar, T. K. A novel signal amplification technology for ELISA based on catalyzed reporter deposition. Demonstration of its applicability for measuring aflatoxin B1. J. Immunol. Methods 230, 1999, 71 - 86.
  10. Das Sarma, J., Duttagupta, C., Ali, E. and Dhar, T. K. Antibody to folic acid: increased specificity and sensitivity in ELISA by using epsilon-aminocaproic acid modified BSA as the carrier protein. J. Immunol.  Methods 184, 1995, 1-6.

Detail list of Publications upto December'2010 ==>> Click here


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