Drug Development Diagnostics & Biotechnology Division

Dr.  Suman Khowala, FIC, FISBT

PhD(Biochemistry), University of Calcutta, 1986

Contact: sumankhowala@iicb.res.in / sumankhowala@yahoo.com
Ph:91-33- 24995813/5747
Fax: 91-33-2473-5197

Sr. Principal Scientist & Head


Current Research Interest

  • Biotechnology for utilization of low cost biomass and cellulose/hemicellulose as renewable source of energy.
  • Biotechnology for bio-degradation of toxic pollutants in tannery fluids and wastes.
  • Role of glycosylation on synthesis, activity and secretion of glycosidases in T. clypeatus
  • Aggregation of sucrase with enzymes produced by the fungus in relation to stability, activity and extracellular release of the proteins in Termitomyces clypeatus
  • Prevention of protein aggregation by sucrase -- Study of protein-protein interaction
  • Study of anticarcinogenic functions of compounds isolated from the edible mushroom
  • Study on the role of some common vegetables in alcohol-induced reproductive and metabolic disorders


Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows

Fellow / RA (Present)

              1. Dr. Swagata Pal (CSIR-RA) , Email: sp2_77@gmail.com
              2. Dr.Debopam Banerjee, (DBT-RA) Email: debopambanerjee@yahoo.co.in
              3. Dr.Arijit Mondal, (DBT-RA) Email: juarijitmondal@gmail.com
              4. Ms. Soumya Mukherjee, (CSIR-SRF) Email: somymuk@gmail.com
              5. Mr. Rajib Majumder, (CSIR-SRF) Email: majumder.rajib2008@gmail.com
              6. Ms. Sanjeeta Tamang, (CSIR-SRF) Email: sanjeeta.tamang@yahoo.in
              7. Mr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, (DBT-PA) Email: siddharthamukherjee1@gmail.com
              8. Dr Sangita Mazumdar, (DBT-RA): Email: sangita_presi@yahoo.com

Fellow / RA (Past)

              1. Dr. Sumana Mukherjee, Email: mukherjs@mail.nih.gov, sumana.18@gmail.com  
              2. Dr.Sudeshna Chaudhuri, Email: Sudeshna3@gmail.com
              3. Dr. Shakuntala Ghorai , Email: shakuntalaghorai@yahoo.co.in
              4. Dr. Samudra Prosad Banik, Email: samudrapb@gmail.com
              5. Dr. Lata Ramrakhiani, Email: lata_ram@hotmail.com
              6. Mr Deepak Verma, Email: deepakverma18@gmail.com
              7. Ms Baishali Guha, Email: guha.baishali@gmail.com
              8. Ms Arpita Maity, Email: arpita.mico@gmail.com

List of important Publications

  1. Swagata Pal, Samudra Prosad Banik, Suman Khowala, 2013, Mustard stalk and straw: A new source for production of lignocellulolytic enzymes by the fungus Termitomyces clypeatus and as a substrate for saccharification, Industrial Crops and Products, 41, 283–288. 10.1016/j.indcrop.2012.04.022
  2. Samudra P. Banik, S. Pal, S. Ghorai, S. Chowdhury, R. Majumder, S. Mukherjee, Suman Khowala, (2012) In situ reversible aggregation of extracellular cellobiase in the filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 17: 925-936.
  3. S. Pal S. Ghorai, S. Chowdhury, S. P. Banik and Suman Khowala, (2011) Increased enzyme secretion by 2-deoxy D-glucose in presence of succinate by suppression of metabolic enzymes in the fungus Termitomyces clypeatus, Carbohydrate Research, 346 2426–2431.
  4. L Ramrakhiani, R Majumder, Sumna Khowala, (2011) Removal of hexavalent chromium by heat inactivated fungal biomass of Termitomyces clypeatus: surface characterization and mechanism of biosorption, Chemical Engineering Journal 171, 1060– 1068.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2011.05.002
  5. S. P. Banik, S. Pal, S. Chowdhury, S. Ghorai, Suman Khowala. (2011) Evidence of an Alternative Route of Cellobiase Secretion in the Presence of Brefeldin A in the Filamentous Fungus Termitomyces clypeatus” Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 21: 392-400.
  6. S Ghorai, S. Mukherjee, S. Mukherjee, Suman Khowala; Improved production and properties of β-glucosidase influenced by 2-deoxy-D-glucose in the culture medium of Termitomyces clypeatus, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 2011 16: 297-304. http://dx.doi.10.1007/s12257-010-0236-3.
  7. Shakuntala Ghorai, Sudeshna Chowdhury, Swagata Pal, Samudra Prosad Banik, Sumana Mukherjee, Suman Khowala (2010) Enhanced activity and stability of cellobiase (b-glucosidase: EC produced in the presence of 2-deoxy-D-glucose from the fungus Termitomyces clypeatus; Carbohydrate Research, 345, 1015–1022. http://dx.doi:10.1016/j.carres.2010.02.021
  8. S. Pal, S. Ghorai, S. Chowdhury, S. P. Banik, Suman Khowala (2010) Purification and characterization of a thermostable intracellular β-glucosidase with transglycosylation properties from filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus; Bioresource Technology 101, 2412–2420. http://dx.doi:10.1016/j.biortech.2009.11.064
  9. Sudeshna Chowdhury, Shakuntala Ghorai, Samudra Prosad Banik, Swagata Pal, Soumen Basak, Suman Khowala, (2009) Characterization of a novel low molecular weight sucrase from filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus Process Biochemistry. 44, 1075–1082. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.procbio.2009.05.009
  10. Ghorai, S., Banik S. P., Verma, D, Chowdhury S, Mukherjee S. and Suman Khowala (2009) Fungal Biotechnology in food and feed processing, Food Research International, 42, 577-587. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.foodres.2009.02.019
  11. Samudra P Banik, S. Pal, S. Ghorai, S. Chowdhury and Suman Khowala. (2009) Interference of Sugars in the Coomassie Blue G Dye Binding Assay of Proteins, Analytical Biochemistry, 386, 113-115.
  12. S. Mukherjee and Suman Khowala. (2002) Secretion of cellobiase is mediated via vacuoles in Termitomyces clypeatus, Biotechnology Progress, 18, 1195-1200.
  1. Sumana Mukherjee, S. Basak and Suman Khowala. (2001) Hetero-aggregation with sucrase affects the activity, stability and conformation of extra and intra-cellular cellobiase in the filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus. Enzyme & Microbial Technology. 29, 213-224.
  2. Suman Khowala, A. K. Ghosh and S. Sengupta. (1992) Saccharification of xylan by an amyloglucosidase of Termitomyces clypeatus and synergism in presence of xylanase. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology. 37, 287-292.
  3. Suman Khowala and S. Sengupta. (1992) Secretion of b-glucosidase by Termitomyces clypeatus- Regulation by carbon catabolite product(s). Enzyme and Microbiol Technology. 14, 144-149.
  4. S. Sengupta, Suman Khowala and P .K. Goswami. (1987) Assay of endo-b-D-xylanase activity with a soluble o- (Carboxymethyl) derivative of larch wood xylan. Carbohydrate Research. 168, 156-161.
  5. Suman Khowala and S. Sengupta. (1985) Purification and properties of an endo-alpha-mannan hydrolase from the mushroom Volvariella volvacea. Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics. 242, 533-539.

Book chapters:

  1. Ghorai S, Banik SP, Verma D, Chowdhury S, Mukherjee S, and Suman Khowala (2011) Food Ingredients | Fungal Biotechnology in Food and Feed Processing. In: Murray Moo-Young (ed.), Comprehensive Biotechnology, Second Edition, volume 3, pp. 603–615. Elseviers (UK). 
  2. Suman Khowala, S. Pal (2011) Bio-energy from bio-waste: in Sustainable Agriculture and New Biotechnologies Ed. N. Benkeblia, CRC Press. Pg 495-507.
  3. Deepak Verma, Rajib Majumder, Soumya Mukherjee, Suman Khowala, (2009) Termitomyces: a nutritive alternative for food and food bioproducts, in Current Topics on Bioprocesses in Food Industry, eds. Professor LV Rao, Professor Christian Larroche, Professor Ashok Pandey, Asiatech Publishers, Inc. New Delhi, pp 118-129.
  4. Swagata Pal, Baishali Guha, Arpita Maity, Shakuntala Ghorai, Suman Khowala, 2010, Microbial production of food enzyme, in Food Biotechnology eds. A. Pandey, C. Larroche, C. R. Soccol, Asiatech Publishers Inc. New Delhi, pp 582-617.
  5. Khowala S., Verma D. & Banik S. P. (2008) chapter on "Carbohydrates" in an e-book "Biomolecules - Introduction, Structure and Function" at National Science Digital Library (NSDL).[http://nsdl.niscair.res.in/handle/123456789/802]  


  1. US patent 6946277, Method for enhancing cellobiase activity of Termitomyces clypeatus using a glycosylation inhibitor, (Sept 2005)

  2. Patent no. NF-270/00 (2001) Suman Khowala. S. Mukherjee; A process for the production of high cellobiase activity from the filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus, patented in India NF-270/00.

  3. Patent no. 2649 DEL2008, Suman Khowala. S. Chowdhury; A low molecular weight polypeptide with hydrolyzing activity on beta-D-fructofuransyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside, Nov 2008.


  1. Indian Chemical society
  2. International Society of Biotechnology

Memberships of Societies:

  1. Society of Biological Chemists (I)
    Indian Science Congress Association
    Association for Carbohydrate Chemists & technologists
    Indian Society of Cell Biology
    Indian Chemical Society
    The Biotech Research Society, India

    Executive Member of Society of Biological Chemists (I), Kolkata Chapter
    Secretary of The Biotech Research Society, India, Kolkata (IICB-JU Chapter)

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