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Drug Development Diagnostics & Biotechnology Division

Dr. Pratap K. Das

Senior Scientist

Contact - pratapdas@iicb.res.in

Current Research Interes

  • Membranes and transport with special reference to gastric proton pump.
  • Development of preclinical experimental models for efficient screening of gastric antisecretory and anti H. pylori activity.
  • Screening Indian biodiversity and Indian Systems of Medicine in search of newer anti peptic ulcer principle(s).
  • Development of natural product based experimental medicines against gastroduodenal disorders.
Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows:
Fellow/RA Staff Others
  1. Dr. (Ms.) Pramita Chakraborty, Proj. Associate Level-I, EMail : pramitachkraborty@gmail.com

  2. Mr. Sudip K. Kar -- SRF (CSIR), EMail : sudip_in03@yahoo.co.in

  3. Ms. Swati Dutta -- Project Assistant Level-I, EMail : dutta.swati29@gmail.com



List of important Publications :

  1. CYCLO-OXYGENASE-1 INHIBITION INCREASES ACID SECRETION BY MODULATING H+,K+-ATPase EXPRESSION AND ACTIVATION IN RABBIT PARIETAL CELLS. Jyotirmoy Nandi, Pratap K Das, J Michael Zinkievich, Juan D Baltodano and Robert A Levine. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology (2009) 36, 127–134
  2. On the potential of Tephrosia purpurea as anti-Helicobacter pylori agent Annalakshmi Chinniah, Satyabrata Mohapatra, Suchandra Goswami, Anita Mahapatra, Sudip K. Kar, U.V. Mallavadhani, Pratap K. Das. Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2009) 124, 642–645
  3. Woodfordia fruticosa: Traditional Uses and Recent Findings. Pratap K. Das, Suchandra Goswami, Annalakshmi Chinniah, Nilendu Panda, Sukdeb Banerjee, Niranjan P. Sahu and Basudeb Achari. (2007). Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2007) 110:189-199.
  4. Anti-peptic ulcer activity of an extract of a flower of Woodfordia fruticosa. Das Pratap K., Sahu Niranjan P., Banerjee Sukdeb, Sett Suchandra, Goswami Suchandra, Bhattacharya Samir. (2007). US Patent 7,291,353.
  5. A Pharmaceutical composition comprising oenothein C useful for the treatment of peptic ulcer diseases. Banerjee Sukdeb, Das Pratap Kumar, Goswami Suchandra, Chinniah Annalakshmi, Panda Nilendu, Sahu Niranjan and Achari Basudeb. (2007). PCT WO/2007/091165 A1.
  6. Detection and quantification of ppb level potassium in biological samples in the presence of high sodium by ion chromatographic method. Suchandra Goswami and Pratap K. Das (2008). Journal of Chromatography B. 863:9-18.


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Updated on 6th February'2011

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