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Drug Development Diagnostics & Biotechnology Division

Dr (Mrs) Aparna Gomes

Senior Principal Scientist
PhD, Calcutta University, 1981
Contact: gomes_aparna@yahoo.com

Current Research Interest

  • Studies on Bioactive compounds from plants and animal
  • Studies on venoms and toxin
Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows:
Staff: Fellow/RA
Dr. Shila Elizabeth Besra,  Tech.Officer
  1. Dr. Archita Saha            PDF
  2. Dr. Babli Haldar             RA
  3. Dr.Shubho Das Gupta    SRF
  4. Tanaya Das                   JRF
  5. Sumana Mallick             PA
  6. Shamik Bhattacharya     PA

List of important Publications:

  1. Apoptosis induction in human leukemic cells by a novel protein Bengalin, isolated from Indian black scorpion venom : through mitochondrial pathway and inhibition of Heat shock proteins. S. Das Gupta ,A Gomes, A.Debnath, A Saha & Aparna Gomes. Chemico biological Interactions (In Press).
  2. Antiarthritic activity of Indian monocellate cobra (Naja kaouthia) venom on adjuvant induced arthritis. A Gomes, S.Bhattacharya, M. Chakravarty. P.Bhattacharjee,  R Mishra, Aparna Gomes. Toxicon (In Press)
  3. A high molecular weight protein Bengalin from the Indian black scorpion (H.bengalensis) venom having antiosteoporosis activity in female albino rats . S. Haldar,   S. Das Gupta, Aparna Gomes , B. Giri, S C Dasgupta, A. Biswas, R Mishra & A Gomes. Toxicon (In Press)
  4. Antiosteoporosis activity of the Indian black Scorpion (Heterometrus bengalensis C.L.Koch) venom on experimental osteoporosis female albino rats.  A Gomes, S Haldar, B Giri, R Mishra, A Saha, S Das Gupta  & Aparna Gomes. Toxicon 52,  60-68 (2008).
  5. A crystalline compound (BM-ANF1) from the Indian toad   (Bufo melanostictus, Schneider) skin extract, induced antiproliferation & apoptosis in leukemic & hepatoma cell line involving cell cycle proteins. Antony Gomes,  Biplab Giri, Labanyamoy Kole, Archita Saha, Anindita Debnath  & Aparna Gomes. Toxicon, 50(6),   (2007).
  6. Bioactive molecules from amphibian skin: Their biological activities with reference to  therapeutic potentials for possible drug development, A Gomes, B Giri, A Saha, R.  Mishra, S C. Dasgupta, A Debnath, Aparna Gomes, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 45, 579-593 (2007). 
  7. Indian black scorpion (Heterometrus bengalensis Koch) venom induced  antiproliferative and apoptogenic activity against human leukemic cell lines U937 and  K562 .S. Das Gupta, A. Debnath, A. Saha, B. Giri, G. Tripathi, J R Vedasiromoni, A  Gomes and Aparna Gomes Leukemia Research, 31, 817-825 (2007).
  8.  A heat stable protein toxin (drCT-I) from the Indian Viper (Daboia russelli russelli) venom having antiproliferative, cytotoxic and apoptotic activities. A Gomes, S Roy  Choudhury, A Saha, R Mishra, B Giri, A K Biswas, A Debnath, Aparna Gomes Toxicon, 49, 46-56 (2007).
  9. Antiproliferative, cytotoxic and apoptogenic activity of Indian toad (Bufo melanostictus, Schneider) skin extract on U937 & K562 cells B Giri, A Gomes, A  Debnath, A Saha, A K Biswas, S C Dasgupta and A Gomes Toxicon, 48, 388-400 (2006).
  10. Occurrence of non-protein low molecular weight cardiotoxin in the Indian King cobra  (Ophiophagus annah) venom A. Saha, Aparna Gomes, B. Giri, A K Chakravarty, A K Biswas, S C Dasgupta and A Gomes, , Indian Journal of Experimental Biology.  44, 279-285 (2006).


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